General Booklists for Adults

General Booklists for Adults

Adventures in Cooking: Discover the lives and adventures of food and cooking with these great books!

After The Handmaid's Tale: Loved the TV series? Already read the book and wanting more? Check out these other near future, dystopian-society titles.

Banned Books:  Libraries promote the freedom to read and we celebrate that freedom  every year with Banned Books Week. books are usually banned or  challenged with good intentions, typically to protect others of the  contents. This list includes frequently challenged/banned books and why  they were censored.

Books for New Adults: The books are great for all ages and feature "New Adults," main characters in their late teens, 20s, and 30s.

California Fiction: Love California or want to visit more places in the state? Check out these stories of people and places in California.

Heartwarming Tales: Looking for a feel good story that will leave you warm and fuzzy? Try one of the tales on this list.

How Very Foreign: Travel to new lands with these translated books of foreign authors.

Love is all Around: Whether romantic, familial, or friendship, love really is all around in these novels.

War Stories: Discover the lives and stories of soldiers, lovers, and battles with these novels on wars throughout the centuries.

Weird Names:  Unusual names are common in novels and help shape a character's  identity. Take a look at some of our favorite books and characters with  weird names!

What the Books?: Books about books!